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Endless Bonds

Endless Bonds provides permanent, semi fine jewelry options including gold-filled and sterling silver chains. When you attend an Endless event, you select your chain of choice, and then it is welded onto you with a simple zap of the machine. The Endless choices are rings, bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. It’s the perfect experience for hosting your own party, sorority sisterhood events, business parties, and pop-up events!

Private Custom Jewelry Party

Celebrate with your friends
Endless Details, timless look
Multiple chain options
Gold rope

3 - 30 Guests


From $15 / person

Invite your friends over for a night of fun. An intimate private party providing something totally unique and fun! The Endless Bonds team will show up to the location of your choosing - guests will select their jewelry and get bonded. "Bonded" jewelry is permanent welded, claspless jewelry for every day elegance. Three confirmed guests are required to host your experience. Great for special occasions, but also perfect for a girls night! Bonus: Host receives a 10-20% discount on their jewelry.

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At Home, Friends

From $15 / person