Luxury Picnic "Palm Springs" - Disco!
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Picnic House

Picnic House helps you curate the perfect luxury picnic experience in a unique way.

Luxury Picnic "Palm Springs"

Themed luxury picnic
Great for bachelorette or bridal showers
Floaties included!
Optional balloon arch to make it pop
Optional macarons and florals
The perfect day
Various add-on options available

6 - 16 Guests


From $30 / person

Enjoy an intimate, themed bachelorette picnic with your gals group, custom designed by Picnic House. This custom theme comes with various add-on options to make your party really pop. Host at any location - we highly recommend a pool for this particular theme! They'll handle the setup and cleanup at your preferred location (or help you pick a partner spot!)

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At Home, Special Occasion, Friends

From $30 / person