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Painting with Cara is a practice in both releasing and receiving. Releasing expectations, rules, and judgement. Receiving freedom, possibility, and refreshment for your weary soul. Inviting both your vulnerability and your strength into the journey. Allowing for your raw humanness, while embracing your badass, superhero self! You can expect to be nurtured. You will laugh, and you might cry.

Painting Workshop

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Cara Harjes
Painting Class
Intuitive Painting Class St. Louis
Engaging Experience
An intuitive, playful, curious, and expressive painting experience!

4 - 10 Guests


From $99 / person

Relax and "embrace the process" with this engaging painting workshop at Cara's Art Loft or Your Location. This 3 hour experience is great for mindfulness, creative exploration, and personal growth. Cara will walk your group through some painting techniques and mindfulness practices that will allow each person to create a unique piece of artwork.

Cara's Art Loft Studio (Kirkwood) or Your Location | County
Business, At Home, Friends

From $99 / person